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Welcome to the Skatepark page.

Below are the links to opening times and prices, location and directions, Disclaimer/Consent Form, and Coaching. If it is your first visit to the park and you are under 16 you’ll need a parent/guardian to sign your disclaimer form before you can ride. If you are under 10yrs old a parent or guardian over 18yrs old must stay at the park. Under 10’s can not be left unaccompanied.

There is no need to book unless you want to make a large group booking. You can contact the park via email: or facebook, or ring the park on 01325 460550, or 07985 468606.

If you’d like to have a children’s party at the park please either ask at the park or call 07985 468606

Opening Times and Prices

Location and Directions

First Visit





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